Queen and Startups

In 1992 Queen lost its front man and arguably one the most talented artist of the 20th century. It has been 20 plus years since then and Queen is still unsurprisingly popular around the world (If not in US). Their popularity crosses musical genre, age and culture. Formed in 1970, Queen remains one of the most unique, diverse and eclectic musical band of all time. Their talent and their work has outlived their critics and cynics. I don't read or write music nor do I compose songs but I do know it for a fact that if Queen were a startup they would be have been a damn successfully startup and for many reasons.



The band knew exactly the kind of music they wanted to create and play. Their vision was as unique as their sound. At that time nobody composed or played  music like them. The whole layered sound of their songs still remains unique and melodic. Strong vision and focus were basis of their future success. Though their music changed almost in every record their vision for their music remained the same.



Queen name itself is ambitious given the negative contortion associated with it. Risk ...

The Lean Startup

 Notes taken from "The lean startup" book by Eric Ries:



Core: Core concepts behind lean startups

OS: Orphan statements = Standalone excerpts that conveys important point


Definition: "A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under condition of extreme uncertainty"


Core1: Validated learning: Validated learning is not after-the-fact rationalization or a good story designed to hide failures. It is a rigorous method for demonstrating progress when one is embedded in the soil of extreme uncertainty in which startups grow. Validated learning is the process of demonstrating empirically that a team has discovered valuable truths about a startups present and future business prospects. It is more concrete, more accurate, and faster than market forecasting or classical business planning. It is the principal antidote to the lethal problem of achieving failure: successfully executing a plan that leads nowhere.

- Validated learning is always backed up by empirical data collected from real customers.


Core2: Value vs. waste

   - Lean thinking defines value as providing benefits to the customer; anything else is waste

   - Its hard in define what’s valuable due to uncertain nature of a startup environment. Validated learning can help distinguish between what’s valuable and what’s ...

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